CSO Capacity Building Program in Azerbaijan

The Management Centre of the Mediterranean with Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) are currently implementing a project called Capacity Building and Training CSO Leaders in Azerbaijan with support from European Commission. The specific objective of this project is to empower community based organizations in Azerbaijan to play an active role in promoting initiatives with local authorities that aim to improve citizens’ access to information, knowledge and education about Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Overall objectives of the program are to increase opportunities for CSOs to develop broader and stronger relationships and raise the visibility and profile of the sector as a whole; to develop Azerbaijani CSOs' capacity and skills to design and develop appropriate capacity assessment and development plans; to increase debate, knowledge and understanding of key issues facing civil society, especially needs through dialogue between civil society and local authorities; to develop and improve Azerbaijani civil society organization actors' knowledge and skills in designing, planning and managing organizational development processes in order to promote initiatives which originate at local level through a comprehensive and dynamic training program.

Throughout the project, there will be many opportunities for Azerbaijani CSOs to work together; a Training of Trainers (ToT) course, a number of open CSO Trainings, a Workshop about the Millennium Development Goals, and an international Civil Society Forum. These are all designed to create an atmosphere of collaboration and trust and to give Azerbaijani CSO actors not only a chance to interact but to get to know each other better and foster good relations.

CSOs staff and members, general public and local authorities are welcome to attend and participate in our trainings, which will be offered in the 8 subsequent topics below:

1. Understanding Civil Society and Setting up of CSOs
2. Project Design and Management
3. Strategic Visioning and Planning in CSOs
4. Managing Staff and Volunteers in CSOs
5. Fundraising for CSOs
6. Communication and Outreach for CSOs
7. Advocacy and Campaigning in Civil Society
8. Networking and Relationship Building

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