Azerbaijani population cuts US dollar purchase

Azerbaijani population cuts US dollar purchase The Central Bank of Azerbaijan has published data on operations with foreign cash in June 2012. According to sources in the Central Bank, in June the population bought $765,656,400 ($842,957,800 in May), GBP 2,265,200 (1,968,900 respectively), EUR 170,412,700 (EUR 169,382,200) and RUR 40,192,100 (30,323,200). The sale of US dollars by the population  in the reporting period made 309,461,500 ($347,696,900 in May), GBP 140,000... Read More

Azeri Oil output

Azeri Oil output During the first half-year of 2012, British BP and its partners produced 16.8 million tons of oil (124.5 million barrels) from the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli oil and gas fields’ block (ACG), a BP’s official report on the first half-year says on Wednesday. According to the report, average daily oil production on this block of fields hit 684,000 barrels in January-June. In 2011 BP produced about 35.4 million tons, or about 262 million barrels of oil on the... Read More