Central Asia Think Tank Summit was held in Astana

Central Asia Think Tank Summit was held in Astana

Dr. Vugar Bayramov, the CESD Chairman, served as one of speakers at the Central Asia Think Tank Summit in Astana, on May 26th, 2016. The summit was organized within the Astana Economic Forum. The forum is an annual event held in Astana, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which brings together representatives from the world’s economic community, current and former heads of states, Nobel Prize laureates, outstanding figures from the scientific world, and businessmen. The Forum is best known as a platform for international dialogue that enables constructive discussion of economic development issues concerning both Central Asia and the entire world in relation to changes witnessed in the global economy.

The AEF and its activities are distinguished by the active participation of government and business figures from more than 80 countries. As the world economy undergoes a number of changes, the AEF serves as a platform where these figures consider the major global challenges of the day and brainstorm on solutions to address such challenges. In the framework of forums held in the past, world leaders have expressed their views and offered practical propositions concerning economic strengthening, not only for Central Asia and the post-Soviet space, but also for the world.

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