EaP Think Bridge: The January 2017 Assessment Report

EaP Think Bridge: The January 2017 Assessment Reports

“EaP Think Bridge” monthly analytical digest has been published. CESD, Azerbaijan has contributed the Azerbaijani version of the report. As the digest has underlined that unified by the Eastern Partnership policy, the countries are mainly focused on the cooperation with European institutions. At the same time, they disregard the substantial potential of the partnership within the region. After all, despite the geographical proximity, shared past, and, to the great extent, similar difficulties, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine extremely differ from each other in terms of their political and social situation. Nevertheless, the neighbours take it slow to learn from each other’s success or failures. And sometimes they just do not get accurate information from neighbouring countries, especially given the widespread influence of Russian propaganda.

Download the English version of the report

Download the Russian version of the report

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