Doing Business 2012: Georgia is leader in the region

Doing Business 2012: Georgia is leader in the region

Azerbaijan ranked 66th since Armenia is in 55th place

Doing Business 2012: Doing Business in a More Transparent World was prepared by the International Finance Corporation and World Bank. The report kept Singapore in first place in terms of ease of doing business, followed by Hong Kong and New Zealand.

The report assesses regulations affecting domestic firms in 183 economies and ranks the economies in 10 areas of business regulation, such as starting a business, resolving insolvency and trading across borders. This year’s report data cover regulations measured from June 2010 through to May 2011.


Azerbaijan (66th rank) has worse rank among Southern Caucasus countries since Georgia had by far the highest ranking of the regional countries, 16th, while Armenia ranked 55th.

Azerbaijan slipped two places in the categories Starting a Business and Resolving Insolvency, three places in the categories Protecting Investors and Getting Credit, and one place in the category Trading Across Borders. The country improved ranking was largely down to improvements in the Paying Taxes category, which looks at tax administration for businesses as well as the size of taxes. Azerbaijan climbed 24 places in this category.

No changes were recorded in Dealing with Construction Permits, Getting Electricity, Registering Property and Enforcing Contracts where Azerbaijan has worse position. According to the report, Azerbaijan ranks 172 in dealing with construction permits where 212 days needed to start business in this sector. The worse rank Azerbaijan got is getting electricity where the country ranked in 173. 241 days are needed for business to get electricity.  Azerbaijan ranks 170 in trading across borders category.  Azerbaijan ranked 9 for registering property which is the best one among all ranks the country has.

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