Next Multilateral Talks on Azerbaijan’s Accession to the WTO

Next Multilateral Talks on Azerbaijan’s Accession to the WTO

“IX round of multilateral talks on Azerbaijan’s accession to the World Trade Organization is scheduled on February, 24, 2012 at the initiative of the World Trade Organization’s Secretariat”- said Vugar Bayramov, co-coordinator of Economic Integration and Convergence to EU Policies Working Group at European Union Easter Partnership Civil Society Forum. He mentioned that dates for bilateral negotiations between Azerbaijan and 5 countries (USA, European Union, Canada, Norway and Ecuador) have been approved. Azerbaijan is also waiting official respond from Japan.

Vugar Bayramov said that negotiations between Azerbaijan and WTO over agriculture subsidies will be also held in Geneva, on February, 23, 2012. Azerbaijan has declared that, the issue on privileges, which the county will gain on “yellow” basket of inner subsidizing, becomes important. Referring itself to developing countries, Azerbaijan will claim for level of subsidies not less than 10% of goods cost of agriculture production.

“There is dispute on tariffs, services, plans on amendments in legislation, subsidizing of agriculture between Azerbaijan and member countries” Vugar Bayramov added.

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