Nabucco submits environmental impact assessment report

Nabucco submits environmental impact assessment report

Nabucco Gas Pipeline International submitted the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

According to the statement of Nabucco Gas Pipeline International, published on its website, the EIA report for the 760 km long section between Ankara and Turkish-Bulgarian border was prepared according the format determined by the ministry in its decision given in July 2010.

For the preparation of the EIA report intensive field studies along the entire pipeline involving a number of well experienced environmental and technical experts, as well as consultation with the public and administrative bodies have been conducted to address all relevant subjects in this report.

Nabucco Gas Pipeline International expects the EIA studies for the sections between Ankara to Turkish-Georgian border and Sivas to Turkish-Iraqi border to be submitted to the Ministry in spring, 2012.

Nabucco gas pipeline is one of the Southern Gas Corridor projects, which is designed to transport gas from the Caspian region and Middle East to the European countries.

The construction of the pipeline with maximum capacity of 31 billion cubic meters is planned to start in 2013 and its first supplies are scheduled for 2017. The project’s shareholders include Bulgarian Energy Holding, Romanian Transgaz, Turkish Botas, Austrian OMV, German RWE, and Hungarian FGSZ (Natural Gas Transmission Company).

Gas produced during the second stage of Azerbaijani Shah Deniz gas condensate field development is to be the main source for the Nabucco project. On Oct. 1, Nabucco, along with other projects within the Southern Gas Corridor (TAP, ITGI), submitted their final proposals to the Azerbaijani side, which will review them in accordance with previously announced criteria.


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