Energy Security is Priority for EU

Energy Security is Priority for EU

The EU envoy in Baku has said that a new route to export Azerbaijani gas to Europe should be based on commercial and strategic concerns.

As the deadline nears for the announcement of the export route chosen by the consortium developing Azerbaijan’s giant Shah Deniz II gas field, the head of the EU office in Baku, Roland Kobia, urged the consortium not to delay their choice, Interfax-Azerbaijan reported.


“A delay in the choice of route is undesirable. Clarity is also needed on the question of physical infrastructure in Turkey. It’s important that there should be no delay in the selection of a route and the development of a full concept for it, so there should be no negative influence on the timescale for Stage II of Shah Deniz,” Kobia said.


The Shah Deniz consortium is expected to announce by the end of March its decision on the export route via what’s known as the Southern Corridor.

Four elements are key to the European Union in the Southern Corridor project, Kobia told the press conference, Gun.Az reported.


“One of them is the formation of special infrastructure in that area,” Kobia said, ramming home the point that the current export infrastructure does not have the necessary capacity.

The second element is that the EU wants to find a well-argumented and long-term solution for the corridor.

“Similarly, a transport mechanism should be created that will avoid transport problems in future. A structure should be formed to transport gas conveniently not just from Shah Deniz II but from other sources to Europe.” He said that the third element was being able to expand capacity in the selected infrastructure to take gas, not just from Shah Deniz II, but from other fields and possibly from Turkmenistan.

“When new gas deposits are discovered, there should be no problems with shipping their production.” The fourth element is that the EU appreciates and respects interim decisions on the Southern Gas Corridor, he said.


The Shah Deniz consortium has eliminated one of four projects competing to export Shah Deniz gas, leaving it with a choice between the TAP (Trans-Adriatic Pipeline) project to pump gas through Turkey, Greece and a new pipeline to Italy, a slimmed-down version of the Nabucco pipeline which will end in Austria and the South-East Europe Pipeline (SEEP) which will end in Croatia



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