Oil, Gas and Media Conference Agenda is Now Available

Oil, Gas and Media Conference Agenda is Available

The two-day, international summit organized by International Press Institute, offers a unique public forum for the discussion of important global media and energy issues. As a focal point for topics which resonate today in Azerbaijan as well as around the world, the conference will enable attendees to delve into deep discussions, create new relationships, propose new means for positive change and then empower participants to take action.

The conference programme includes roundtable discussions on the points of intersection between energy and security, energy and democracy; and their impact on the media in general, and press freedom in particular.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to apply the depth and breadth of their own expertise in these discussions, while also embracing divergent viewpoints from other panelists and attendees. The goal is not to reach any specific consensus, but rather to promote transparent, robust, ongoing discourse via the ability to co-create, share and use essential public information among diverse groups.

Download Conference Agenda Here

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