CESD Anti-Corruption Strategy Submitted to the Parliament

Anti-Corruption Strategy for Azerbaijan Republic produced by Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) was submitted to the Parliament of Azerbaijan on March, 17, 2011. According to the Azerbaijani Parliament, draft law will be put in the Parliament Agenda next week. It is noted that some policy recommendations listed in the strategy have been recently approved by the Government. For instance, Azerbaijani President signed the decree on simplify procedures and increase transparency in customs sphere.  The recommendation was presented by Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) on February, 23, 2011. According to the decree, the State Customs Committee, Interior Ministry and Ministry of Justice were instructed to, within three months, ensure the simplification of procedures related to customs registration, carrying out state registration, taking a permanent record of vehicles imported into the territory of the Republic, providing certificate of state registration and state registration number of the vehicles and granting rights to own, use and acquire vehicles based on the principle of “single window”.English version of the strategy paper will be available, very soon.


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