How much Azerbaijan has natural gas reserves?

How much Azerbaijan has natural gas reserves?

The proven oil reserves in Azerbaijan make 2bn tonnes. The predicted reserves are assessed with the same figure. The statement came from first vice president of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Khoshbaht Yusifzade.

As for natural gas reserves, he noted that considering the Umid and Absheron fields, the proven reserves of natural gas in Azerbaijan make 2,550,000,000,000 cubic meters.  “Considering the reserves of promising offshore structures, as Babek, Nakhchivan, Shafag-Asiman, Zafar-Mashal, both predicted and proven reserves of natural gas in Azerbaijan make 6 trl cubic meters”, Yusifzade told a session of the Caspian European Integration Club.  Thus, he said the overall hydrocarbon reserves in Azerbaijan make 10bn tonnes in oil equivalent.



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