Azerbaijan approves budget package for 2013

Azerbaijan approved budget package for 2013

During a plenary session on Friday, the Azerbaijani Parliament (Milli Majlis) approved a draft of the state and consolidated budgets for 2013. Azerbaijani Finance Minister Samir Sharifov said at the meeting that after considering a number of deputies’ proposals on the draft budget for next year changes have been made and budget revenues were increased by five million manat to 19.159 billion manat, expenses by 40 million manat to 19.85 billion manat and the budget deficit by 35 million manat to 691 million manat.

Due to these changes, the consolidated budget revenues totalled 20.729 billion manat, expenses – 24.5 billion manat.

Considering the proposals of a number of deputies, the expenses for healthcare facilities for special purposes, improvement of material and the technical base of medical institutions, including the improvement of drug provision were increased by three million manat.

Also, expenses for financing political parties were reconsidered and increased by 500.000 manat to 2.5 million manat.

Some additional 726.000 manat were allocated to expenses for improving the logistics provision of the Milli Majlis.

At the same time, the off-budget expenditure increased by 35 million manat and funds for the same amount is included in the sources of budget deficit financing.

The draft laws ‘On State Budget for 2013’, ‘On the budget of State Social Protection Fund of Azerbaijan for 2013’, ‘On minimum subsistence level’ , ‘On needs criteria level for 2013’, ‘On budget estimate of Milli Majlis for 2013’ and ‘ On budget estimate of Appraisal Chamber for 2013’ are included in the budget package.


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