The World Bank placed Azerbaijan at the 70th position in doing business report

The World Bank placed Azerbaijan at the 70th position in doing business report

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The World Bank in its traditional report on Doing Business 2014 recorded relative deterioration of conditions for entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan in spite of 3 reforms implemented in the country.

Thus, in accordance with Doing Business 2014 covering 189 economies, Azerbaijan descended from 67th to 70th place according to the ABC news agency. Among the nearest partners of Azerbaijan, Georgia has improved its position and rose from 9th to 8th place, Russia – from 112th to 92nd , Ukraine – from 137th to 112th. Russia and Ukraine are among the world leaders on reforms for the first time (5 and 8 reforms respectively). Turkey also rose from 71st to 69th position.

Armenia, though being in a higher position than Azerbaijan, descended from 32nd to 37th place. Belarus often blamed for non-market type of economy is at the 63rd position

Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, U.S. and Denmark are the leaders in doing business, as a year before.

According to the World Bank, main findings for 2014 are listed as followings:
• Ukraine, Rwanda, the Russian Federation, the Philippines, Kosovo, Djibouti, Côte d’Ivoire, Burundi, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Guatemala are among the economies improving the most in 2012/13 in areas tracked by Doing Business.
• Worldwide, 114 economies implemented 238 regulatory reforms in 2012/13 making it easier to do business as measured by Doing Business – 18% more reforms than in the previous year. Read about reforms.
• Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 9 of the 20 economies narrowing the gap with the regulatory frontier the most since 2009. Low-income economies narrowed this gap twice as much as high-income economies did.
• Singapore topped the global ranking on the ease of doing business. Joining it on the list of the top 10 economies with the most business-friendly regulatory environments are Hong Kong SAR, China; New Zealand; the United States; Denmark; Malaysia; the Republic of Korea; Georgia; Norway; and the United Kingdom.
• Doing Business collected data for the first time this year in four economies: Libya, Myanmar, San Marino, and South Sudan.
• Case studies highlighting good practices in 6 of the areas measured by Doing Business indicator sets are featured in the report: the role of minimum capital requirements in starting a business; risk-based inspections in dealing with construction permits; the cost structure in getting electricity; single window systems in trading across borders; e-filing and e-payment in paying taxes; and e-courts in enforcing contracts. See all case studies.
• This year’s report presents a separate chapter about research on the effects of business regulations. There is a rapidly growing body of empirical research examining the impact of improvements in many of the regulatory areas tracked by the Doing Business indicators, and this chapter provides a useful—and encouraging—synthesis. Read research papers.

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