Simplification of customs inspections in Azerbaijan

Simplification of customs inspections in Azerbaijan

“President of Azerbaijan has taken quite a serious and sensational step. From now on at the entrance to and exit from the country people will not encounter situations that negatively affect their mental state and will be able to easily import needed goods.”

Report was told by a member of Committee on Economic Policy of Milli Mejlis, MP Ali Masimli, commenting on the decree of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on the simplification of certain checks in connection with customs controls in the area.

Speaking about necessity of issuing this decree not only for individuals, ordinary citizens, but also legal entities – entrepreneurs. The deputy said that the country had taken radical steps towards the development of entrepreneurship: “We made some radical steps to curb inspections of entrepreneurs, reducing the number of licenses, enhancing transparency. The implementation of complex radical measures in favor of entrepreneurs will be continued.”

Expert economist Vugar Bayramov told Report, permission for import goods worth up to 10,000 by individuals to Azerbaijan without payment of customs duties will lead to regulation and lower prices for the consumer market.

He noted that the last presidential decree would expand the options of citizens’ right to choose: “The right to choose gives a citizen freedom to decide which market to buy goods on. In addition, it will increase competition and lead to price control on the domestic market. The possibility of duty-free import by citizens into the country is a kind of signal to entrepreneurs. After this decree entrepreneurs need to revise the price of goods and reduce them.”

Bayramov said that the decree would simplify the procedures: “We are talking not only about the amount, but also simplification of customs procedures, regulations, transparency of processes. The citizens will benefit. Taking advantage of benefits of the decree, the citizens will be able to purchase consumer products at low prices.”

On October 22, President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on simplification of certain checks in connection with customs controls in the area.

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