The founders of the Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) are distinguished economists and social work specialists in Azerbaijan. Almost all board members are graduates from western Universities.

Board Members

Vugar Bayramov – Chairman of CESD. Dr. Bayramov was a post-doctoral researcher at Washington University in St.Louis (USA) in 2003/2004. He has served as workshop chairman or presenter in many international events abroad including USA, UK, France, Japan, Canada, India, Russia and etc. Mr. Bayramov teaches Economics/Finance courses at the Azerbaijan State Economic University.


Elchin Rashidov – alumnus of the Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota (USA). He is also one of professional Cost-Benefit Analysts in Azerbaijan.


Zaur Mammadov – alumnus of Southeast University in the US.

Faina Hanifayeva – alumnna of Western University, Baku. She is an expert on gender issues.  She has been cooperating with UNIFEM on reporting about gender issues in Azerbaijan. She has participated the gender program supported by USAID in the USA in 2008. She is head of gender department at the CESD.

Ilham Polukhov – worked at University of Minnesota as a Visiting  Scholar (Junior Faculty Development Program).



1.      Ms. Faina Hanifeyeva– Project Coordinator- fainahanifayeva@cesd.az

2.      Mr. Elchin Rashidov- Expert- elchin_rashidov@cesd.az

3.      David Chang– Consultant, davidchang@cesd.az

4.      Mr. Rashad Agayev – Expert, rashadagayev@cesd.az

5.   Mr. Ilham Polukhov- Project Coordinator- ilham.polukhov@cesd.az

6.  Rashad Huseynov- Expert, rashadhuseynov@cesd.az

7. Nargiz  Guliyeva– Expert, nargizguliyeva@cesd.az

8. Narmin Ibrahimova–  Expert, narminibrahimova@cesd.az