PASOS Annual Conference to Start in Macedonia

PASOS Annual Conference to start in Macedonia Vugar Bayramov, CESD chairman  and PASOS Board Member, will serve as one of speakers at the conference The conference will be organized in association with the annual international think-tanks’ conference of PASOS – Policy Association for an Open Society on November 09, 2012 in Skopje, Macedonia. Leading think-tanks will co-operate to explain and influence national and international policies,... Read More

CESD Chairman Had Speech at Qafqaz University

CESD Chairman Had Speech at Qafqaz University Vugar Bayramov, chairman of CESD, had speech on Management of Oil Revenues in Azerbaijan at Qafqaz University, the top university in Azerbaijan, on February 23, 2012. Vugar Bayramov mentioned that The high inflow of oil revenues to Azerbaijan in recent years has led to large and increases in government expenditures in the state budget and State Oil Fund of the Azerbaijan Republic. Given that oil revenues... Read More