Azerbaijani Economy 2018: Results and Perspectives

Azerbaijani Economy 2018: Results and Perspectives Following the recession and stagnation of the economy of Azerbaijan in 2015-2017, a growth of 1.4% was recorded in 2018. Economic growth has been mainly driven by the following factors. Favorable foreign economic environment for Azerbaijan from the context of oil prices: the initial forecast of the oil prices by the Azerbaijani government at the beginning of 2018 was 45 US dollars per barrel. Then,... Read More

Azerbaijan Economy in 2014

Azerbaijan Economy in 2014 Decline of oil price in the world market was the main character of Azerbaijan economy in 2014. As an oil exporter country, Azerbaijan might face the effects of a sharp fall in oil revenue after oil price decline in the world market. Azerbaijan is heavily dependent on oil and natural gas export revenues. In fact, 2014 was somehow successful for Azerbaijan economy since the country was able to reserve growth in the almost... Read More