International Partner

Local Governance Innovation & Development, Ltd (LGID)

LGID is a development consulting firm with a special focus on municipal and local government development throughout Central and Southern Eastern Europe, the New Independent States and other regions worldwide. Since its establishment in 2002, LGID has been successfully providing training and technical assistance services to central, regional and local governments. We operate in the areas of public administration and public sector reform, decentralisation and efficient management of public services. We have established extensive network of international and local partners worldwide by working with international consortia on projects funded by European Commission, US Agency for International Development, UK Department for InternationalDevelopment, and UNDP. As a result, LGID has gained profound experience in global development issues with a particular focus on municipal/local government development and public administration reform.

Associate Partners

The World of Woman Social Union

Contact: Kifayet Niftaliyeva


Women and Modern World Center

Contact: Sudaba Shiraliyeva


The Council of State Support of NGOs under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Contact: Alimammad Nuriyev


Economic Research Center

Contact: Gubad Ibadoglu


Municipality Union of Azerbaijan

Contact: Racab Imanov


Ganja Agribusiness Association (GABA)

Contact: Vugar Babayev


Education on Human Rights Public Association

Contact: Irada Javadova


Oil Workers’ Rights Protection Organization Public Union

Democracy Learning Public Union

Contact: Mirali Huseynov


Democratic Development Center

Contact: Emil Memmedov


Ganja Child Fund

Contact: Rovshan Novruzov