Is Baku expensive city?

Is Baku expensive city? List of the world’s most expensive cities was announced by consulting agency ECA International.  The capital of  Japan, Tokyo is the leader in the list, while Luanda (Angola) and Nagoya ( Japan) come in the top three of the list. In the list the most expensive city of Europe Oslo( Norway) ranks 6th,  Caracas (Venezuela), the most expensive city of Latin America, ranks 16th. The Russian capital Moscow is number 14. Istanbul (Turkey) is 38th, whereas... Read More

When Azeri Gas can be supplied to Europe?

When Azeri Gas can be supplied to Europe?   ITGI’s shareholder DEPA says a scalable pipeline with an initial 10 bcm capacity seems more rationale for now to supply all gas produced from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz II project to Europe as soon as it becomes available. “ITGI project should be considered as the first step in a phased approach to opening up the Southern Gas Corridor,” Harry Sachinis, DEPA Chairman and CEO. Nabucco could be the second once further... Read More