CESD has become part of the G20 Think Summit

CESD has become part of the G20 Think Summit

Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) has become part of the G20 Think Summit network. CESD is single think tank from the region that contribute to the G20 Think Summit work to provide 20 Global Solutions for the G20. The summit is mandated by the German G20 Presidency. The summit focuses on G20 topics, such as the digital economy, climate policy and finance, or migration and refugees and convey recommendations and visions by the newly established T20 Task Forces to international policy-makers. The network is research-based, independent, focusing on facts, knowledge and hands-on experience. State-of-the-art research underpins all the sessions. The summit is organized by the Kiel Institute in cooperation with the DIE, the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT Berlin) and the conference department of Tagesspiegel Publishing (part of D.v. Holtzbrinck Media as “Die Zeit”, “Handelsblatt”, and „Wirtschaftswoche“).

Dr. Vugar Bayramov, the chair of CESD, has attending the G20 Think Summit in Berlin, Germany on May 28-30th, 2017.

Download Overview of the Summit Here

Download the full Program of the Summit Here

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