Chirag Oil Project to launch production next year

Chirag Oil Project to launch production next year
Construction work is under way in accordance with Chirag Oil Project and the production within this project is expected to launch in 2013. To date, the field has produced 1.9bn barrels of oil, according to BP, Gun,Az reported.

Currently, Azeri, Chirag, Darinsulu Guneshli oil field produces 750,000 barrels of oil per day. Note that the oil production the Chirag section of the field was launched in 1997. In the second stage, as the first phase of Azeri project, the Central Azeri started extracting oil in 2005.

As the second phase of the field, Western Azeri launched production in December 2005 and Eastern Azeri in October 2006.

And the third phase of the field’s activity involves Derinsulu Guneshli which launched production in 2008.


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