CESD Policy Recommendation is on the Official Agenda

CESD Policy Recommendation is on the Official Agenda

The CESD policy recommendation on applying tax refund system in Azerbaijan was taken into Government of Azerbaijan’s agenda. The recommendation was presented by the CESD on December, 2011 and broadly referenced by almost all leading mass-media institutes.  Russian version of CESD recommendation is available at http://cesd.az/new/2011/12/russian-иностранцам-разрешат-вывозить-потр/?lang=ru ).

Ministry of Taxes announced that tax refund system will be introduced in Azerbaijan in 2012.

“The ministry plans to expand the range of rendered electronic services in 2012,” the message said. “According to the plan of activities of the Ministry, it is planned to study the international experience in this field and first use it in the declarations on VAT to introduce a pre-filled tax return system.”

According to the information, the significance of this system is stipulated by the fact that the declarations will be filled by the tax bodies on the basis of available data to eliminate difficulties while filling in the tax declarations.

The declarations will be filled using modern technologies and sent to a taxpayer’s e-mail. A taxpayer will have to check the data in the declaration and approve them or submit the necessary documents to the tax bodies while revealing the differences.


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