CESD Civil Society Development Project Launched

CESD Civil Society Development Project Launched

CESD launched new project to support civil society development in Azerbaijan. The main purpose of the project is increase opportunities for CSOs to develop broader and stronger relationships and raise the visibility and profile of the sector as a whole;  develop Azerbaijani CSOs’ capacity and skills to design and develop appropriate capacity assessment and development plans; increase debate, knowledge and understanding of key issues facing civil society, especially needs through dialogue between civil society and local authorities;  and develop and improve Azerbaijani civil society organisation actors’ knowledge and skills in designing, planning and managing organisational development processes in order to promote initiatives which originate at local level through a comprehensive and dynamic training programme

The center started carrying out mapping studies, identifying as well as analysing civil society actors’ needs and capacities to get involved in policy dialogue and the way in which these actors can contribute to specific sector policy dialogues; coordinating the organisation of multi-stakeholder consultations at national and regional level involving civil society actors, national authorities and EU Delegations.

Within the program, CESD strengthen cooperation with non-state actors from EaP Countries since the center is one of active NGOs in EaP region.

CESD is the top think tank in Caucasus and Central Asia and one of the top domestic economic think tanks in the world according to University of Pennsylvania (USA)


The prestigious US University, Harvard University, has added the Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) into its official think tank directory.  The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University has released information about it.  Moreover, the name of CESD has been posted on the university website:



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