UK remains the biggest investor in Azerbaijan

UK remains the biggest investor in Azerbaijan

398 million manat foreign direct investments was invested in Azerbaijan in the first 2 months of 2012. According to the State Statistical Committee, United Kingdom is the biggest foreign investor in Azerbaijan with 177 million manat investment which is 39.6% of all foreign investments.

The United States is second with investments at 68 million manat.

The group of big investors also included ,Norway- 25 million manat, Japan –24 million manat,  Czech Republic- 20 million manat, Turkey 19,9 million manat, France- 9 million manat.Among international organizations in the reporting period the World Bank made investments in the amount of 17 million manat and Asian Development Bank- 13 million manat.

Note; 1 manat equals to 1,28 USD


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