No roads to the past

No roads to the past

Russia to offer the former Soviet republics, united in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), a new “union treaty” by the end of 2012. It should be noted that Russia’s intention to revive the Soviet Union are no longer news. In his last address as prime minister on the eve of his inauguration as President Vladimir Putin has singled out the “five priorities” for his third term. His fifth point consisted of strengthening cooperation in the Eurasian region, strengthening the international position of Russia through a new effort to integrate the former Soviet Union. Addressing the State Duma, Putin said: “The Customs Union and Single Economic Space, in my opinion, I believe, is the most important geopolitical event of the integration and the former Soviet Union since the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

Although the integration of the former Soviet Union are ambivalent, even in Russia itself. Russian journalists caught the eye of the document, which states that funding for the integration process since 2012 has increased 10 times, and pay for them have largely Russian taxpayers. Although a number of experts believe the true intent of the new Russian president is not a revival of the Soviet Union. In fact, Putin wants to restore many of the communications of the Soviet (and imperial) period, when trade, resources and labor moved between Russia and its neighbors. This would allow Moscow to remain the economic center of the region, instead of watching as Central Asia is becoming increasingly associated with South Asia, and western regions of the former Soviet Union are increasingly attracted to the European orbit. Regional economic order under the leadership of Russia maintains the ruble as a regional currency, and the Russian language remains the language of the actual business in the region (

The revival of the Soviet Union is not possible- said Vugar Bayramov, Chairman of Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD). In particular, he said in an interview with “Echo” for the revival of the Union shall be either common ideology or economic reason. Referring to a common ideology, the expert pointed out that today in the CIS space is not available. “Some countries do not have any relationship, due to the occupation of a member of the Commonwealth territory of another. In another case, on the territory of the Commonwealth created artificial conflicts.” From an economic point of view, according to Bayramov, for the revival of the Soviet Union and there is no soil.

“The revival of the Soviet Union, even like the EU, is unrealistic. Fact that the creation of a Union countries should be close to each other from an economic point of view.” According to experts, it is sufficient to trace the statistics of GDP per person in the CIS countries, to see how the Commonwealth moved away from each other in terms of economic development. “GDP per person in Russia amounts to 17 thousand dollars, 11 thousand dollars Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, 13 thousand dollars. The aforementioned three countries are leaders in terms of GDP per person in the CIS.” But almost half of the CIS countries, according to an expert in this indicator at times gives way to the three leaders. “In particular, Armenia’s GDP per person is 5.3 thousand dollars. In Tajikistan, the figure is only two thousand dollars, in Kyrgyzstan, 2.3 thousand dollars, in Moldova, 3.3 thousand of dollars in Uzbekistan as well as in Moldova’s GDP per capita is 3.3 thousand dollars. ”

In this regard, according to Bayramov, from the revival of the Soviet Union in the first place will benefit underdeveloped countries of the CIS. “After all, the revival of the Union will give them an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of economic development of the developed countries of the Commonwealth. For the developed Commonwealth countries, including Azerbaijan, will create favorable conditions for investment. But in general, Azerbaijan will lose more than earns the revival of the Union”, – concluded Bayramov.


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