SOCAR assets in 2011 make some AZN 17bn

SOCAR assets in 2011 make some AZN 17bn

The assets of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan made AZN 16,959 billion in 2011 against AZN 15,677 billion in 2010.
The statement is contained in the consolidated report about SOCAR’s financial activity in 2011. The report on financial activity is prepared by Ernst&Young.

The report notes that the current assets make AZN 4,929 billion and long-term assets AZN 12,030 billion. The founding capital of SOCAR made AZN 1,059, billion against AZN 632,700 million in 2010.

The long-term debts of the company were close to AZN 3,619, billion by results of the last year against AZN 3,371, billion in 2010. The current debts of the company were at AZN 4,092, billion in 2011. Meanwhile, the credit debt of SOCAR has risen to AZN 2,810, billion.

Note 1 AZN= 1,24 USD

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