PASOS Annual Conference to Start in Macedonia

PASOS Annual Conference to start in Macedonia

Vugar Bayramov, CESD chairman  and PASOS Board Member, will serve as one of speakers at the conference

The conference will be organized in association with the annual international think-tanks’ conference of PASOS – Policy Association for an Open Society on November 09, 2012 in Skopje, Macedonia. Leading think-tanks will co-operate to explain and influence national and international policies, including EU policies, on a range of issues facing the Western Balkans and other transition regions, while building on EU new member-states’ experience of democratic transition and EU integration to debate transition know-how with think-tanks from EU’s neighboring regions.

Principal conference themes

Forging a New Impetus towards Open Government – assessment of the goals and potential impact of the Open

Government Partnership, and scope for monitoring implementation of OGP plans at the national level

Mobility and Integration of Migrants through Participatory Policymaking – national and regional (including EU)

strategies to foster social inclusion and mobility, and policies towards minorities, migration, asylum-seekers.

Reform of Regional Co-operation Structures with an Enhanced Role for Non-State Actors

– Western Balkans and Turkey

– Central Asia and South Caucasus

– Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova)

Prospects for European Integration and Regional Integration – building on new member states’ transition knowhow to address shortfalls in progress reports on Western Balkans countries, and assessing regional co-operation structures and the role of the EU, international institutions, and non-state actors in the Western Balkans, the Black sea region, and Central Asia.

Download Full Conferece Agenda Here

Download Full PASOS Annual Report Here


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