$ 1100 debt per capita in Azerbaijan

$ 1100 debt per capita in Azerbaijan

“There are slight restrictions in the budget of Azerbaijan for annual amount of internal and external debts. The wall for domestic debt is 1.2 billion AZN ($1,53 billion US) and 2.3 billion AZN ($ 2,95 billion US) for external one. According to official statistics, the domestic debt of Azerbaijan is more than 3 billion manat (3,85 billion US), which concerns the external debt, it is equal to about 4.7 billion AZN ($ 6,03 billion US). It was only in 2013, the state budget will be allocated in the amount of AZN 781 million ($ 1,1 billion US) for the payment of the public debt. State budget allocation for paying debts will be 86 AZN ($ 110,2 US) per capita. In general, the internal and external public debt per capita is 855 manat. This means that every newborn in Azerbaijan is born with internal and external debt in 855 manat ($ 1100 US). This was the “Echo” said Vugar Bayramov, the head of the CESD- Center for Economic and Social Development..

The expert also noted that there is also an external debt of the private sector. “He is about 4 billion AZN ($ 5,13 billion US). If we add this debt to the state, on every Azerbaijani citizen has to 1,300 AZN ($ 1667 US)”- concluded economist.

Also note that the external public debt of Azerbaijan over the past 2011 increased by 24.9 percent. According to the government’s report on the results of last year, on January 1, 2012 the foreign debt of the country reached 4.817 billion dollars, while on January 1, 2011, the figure was 3.857 billion dollars. An increase of almost a quarter of this is attributed to the expansion of cooperation between Azerbaijan and various international financial organizations and donor countries, as a result in 2011, signed 12 loan agreements worth about 1.67 billion dollars to finance important to the economy projects.


Ukraine has calculated that every Ukrainian hryvnia has 11,000, which equals 1 055 manats. Ukrainian economy is suffering from the crisis, and the government promotes theft and export of mad money abroad. This was stated by the leader of the united opposition list of “Fatherland” Yatsenyuk in the program “One on One” to “First National”. “The process of economic deterioration is understandable to all, but the government does not want to come out and admit it openly,” – said the politician.


For ongoing problems show a decline in industrial production, unemployment and lower average wages, says the opposition. “Foreign exchange reserves of Ukraine – minus 10 billion U.S. dollars in just one year,” – said Yatsenyuk. “People feel that something is going on. We must escape from the hryvnia, to look for the dollar, “- said the politician.

In its opinion on the investment of Euro 2012 was stolen, and the stadium “Olympic” in Kiev is the most expensive in the world at a very mediocre quality of the work on its restructuring. “This government in the last 2 years it took more than taken for all 20 years of independence,” – said the politician. According to estimates Yatseniuk from 2010 was transferred to the offshore 70 billion U.S. dollars. “This is a 2.5 annual budget of Ukraine,” – he stressed.


Therefore, the debt burden on every Ukrainian has almost doubled, according to the politician. If in 2010 for each person with a Ukrainian passport accounted for 6,000 hryvnia (575 AZN) public debt, now assured Yatsenyuk, this amount increased to 11,000 (1055 manat).




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