“CSO Sustainability Index 2012– Azerbaijan” was Presented in Baku

“CSO Sustainability Index 2012– Azerbaijan” was Presented in Baku

Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) presented “CSO Sustainability Index 2012– Azerbaijan” with participation of representatives of government, non-government, international organizations and mass-media institutes on 13 August, 2013 at Park Inn Conference Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The report was prepared by CESD under management of Management Systems International, USA with financial support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

The CSO Sustainability Index tracks the changes in CSO sector last 16 years over 29 countries. Each dimension of the Index is rated along a seven-point scale with 1 indicating a very advanced level and 7 indicating a low-level of development. In Azerbaijan the Index’s estimated score is 4.7.
Narmin Ibrahimova presented the local and index and mentioned that the CSOs faced different challenges- registration process, the penalties applied to the CSOs, lack of financial viability, the level of coorperation between businesses and CSOs and etc. As well as organizing different meetings with government bodies, to support CSOs in diffenert projects and coorperation between them.

According to the report, CSO are distributed in regions with strong discrepancies. Thus, there is one or two registered CSOs in Shabran and Siyezen and there are not any registered CSOs in Xizi and Qusar.

Narmin Ibrahimova noted that, The Center for Public Initiatives estimates that registered CSOs received 39.5 million AZN (about $50.6 million) in 1,054 grants from local and international donor organizations in 2012. According to estimates by the Center for Public Initiatives, 80 percent of the sector’s revenue comes from foreign sources, 15 percent comes from government sources, and only 5 percent comes from other sources such as membership fees, economic activities, and individual and corporate donations.

It was noted in the report that, the number of registered CSOs was 2850 till the end of 2012. It is stipulated by the law that CSOs should submit their annual financial reports to the Ministry of Finance. But only 1352 of registered CSOs submitted the financial report to the ministry in 2012.

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