CESD Freelance Researchers Group was Established

CESD Freelance Researchers Group was Established

The first meeting of the CESD Freelance Researchers Group (CFRG) was taken place at the CESD Training Center on May 06, 2014. It is the first initiative in Azerbaijan to engage outside economists and social work specialists in the research process. The group is consisting of nine researchers including one Baku based European and one American scholars. The main purpose of setting up this group is to benefit capacity of researchers currently working in different state and private organizations in order to conduct new researchers to influence on decision-making process. Meanwhile, two researchers in the group are working for government agencies since the rest are running in different private and international companies. Other goal of the group is also to give a chance to outside researchers to develop their skills particularly on research and some specific areas such as economic and social sphere.
After intensive discussions, the group decided to be divided into two groups in order to contribute following researches:

1. The economic and social consequences of the labor migration policy in Azerbaijan;
2. Assessment of potential impacts of signing of DCFTA with EU on Azerbaijan economy.

All group members with research desire are working for different stakeholders and group meetings will be taken place either on weekends or after working days. CFRG Facebook Group has been established to have deeeper discussions and communications.

CESD (www.cesd.az) is the top think tank in the Caucasus region and Central Asia according to University of Pennsylvania ranking and the Center is added Harvard University’s think tank director

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