CESD included in Harvard University Directory

The prestigious US university, Harvard University, has added the Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) into its official think tank directory.  The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University has released information about it.  Moreover, the name of CESD has been posted on the university website:


CESD is the first and only Azerbaijan organization that has been included into the directory of Harvard University. The director of CESD, Vugar Bayramov, has stated that the inclusion of the think tank into the official directory of the famous university is a good sign for CESD. When it is considered that only two countries (Azerbaijan and Russia) from the CIS are included in the list it would not be hard to imagine how serious and important the directory is. The Carnegie Moscow Center represents Moscow in the list.

Vugar Bayramov has also added that in recent years CESD’s international relations have strengthened and the organization is included in almost all world rating lists. In a report prepared by a department from the renowned US university, University of Pennsylvania, CESD has been evaluated as the leading think tank in the Caucasus and has been included into the list of leading think tanks of Central and Eastern Europe.

CESD was created in 2005 by leading western-educated economists. The center is implementing programs with different state, international and non-government organizatons in the direction of supporting economic and social reforms.


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