Russian radicals are targeting CESD

Russian radicals are targeting CESD

Some modern Russians, whose ancestors fought the war against Nazis, are more chauvinist tempered, nowadays. No tolerance for alternative thinking and independent think-tanks. This is how we would comment the judgments on the Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD) and its head Dr. Vugar Bayramov by ‘Pleskov – information portal for Slavs’.

Full article in Russian is available at:

Claiming CESD as a part of Global News-making Conspiracy Network and its head Dr. Vugar Bayramov “a Khazarian jew”, whose meal should be poisoned with Strychnine, is nothing, but a laughing matter.

CESD is proud that it made up to 33rd place in the Non-US Worldwide, 15th place in the Central & Eastern Europe and 1st place in the Central Asia & Caucasus think-tanks list. It does not make CESD anti-Russian or anti-any nation. Our target is to generate impartial information and produce verifiable reports. And that is how we gained our stand and reputation among top think-tanks in the world.

CESD is aligned with Azerbaijan’s independence. We are not sorry that our activity frustrates Russian radicals.

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