Botas pays compensation to Azerbaijan for gas

Botas pays compensation to Azerbaijan for gas The Turkish state pipeline company Botas paid Azerbaijan 186 million liras as part of its obligation on gas agreements signed on a ‘take or pay’ principle, Samanyoluhaber reports on Tuesday, citing sources in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Botas also paid 1.4 billion liras for unwithdrawn gas to Russia, and 1.3 billion liras to Iran. In 2011, the Turkish State Pipeline Company... Read More

Turkey’s Botas withdraws lawsuit against BTC project

Turkey’s Botas withdraws lawsuit against BTC project Botas, the operator of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline in Turkey, has withdrawn a lawsuit against the pipeline project, Haberturk newspaper said Friday. Earlier, Botas International Limited (BIL) filed a lawsuit against the project claiming that if the company continues to operate the BTC under the existing terms, it will incur losses to the tune of $2 billion by 2045. Turkey and Azerbaijan made... Read More

Is South Stream Aganist Nabucco?

Is South Stream Aganist Nabucco? ‘Nabucco is a unique European-Turkish project and not affected by other project proposals’, said the spokesperson for Nabucco Christian Dolezal. He says that, South Stream was a rout substitute while Nabucco opened a new corridor with diversified gas supply for Turkey and Europe: “Nabucco has a very strong legal framework with all transit countries and Turkey in form of the Intergovernmental Agreement... Read More

New gas pipeline deal

New gas pipeline deal Turkey and Azerbaijan signed on Monday an agreement to build a pipeline to carry 10 billion cubic metres of Azeri gas to European markets starting in 2017, the Anatolia news agency reported. The deal comes as the EU’s plans to build the so-called Nabucco pipeline across Turkey to bring in Caspian Sea gas and reduce Europe’s dependence on Russia has struggled to sign up suppliers. The accord on building the $5-billion... Read More