Azerbaijani State Budget Approved

Azerbaijani State Budget Approved President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has approved the state budget for 2013.  The 2013 state budget revenues were approved at AZN 19,159,000,0, expenditures – AZN 19,850,000,0 (including centralized revenues at AZN 18,462,397,8, local revenues – AZN 696,602,2, centralized expenditures – AZN 18,335,450,0, local expenditures – AZN 514,550,0). Note; 1 AZN = 1,24 USD  Read More

2013 Draft Budget is on Azerbaijani Parliament’s Agenda

2013 Draft Budget is on Azerbaijani Parliament’s Agenda The Azerbaijani Parliament in its plenary meetings on 13, 14 and 15 November will consider the draft law “On the State Budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2013”. According to the Parliament, the agenda of the next three plenary sessions also includes the bill on the budget of the State Social Protection Fund of Azerbaijan in 2013, the cost of living and the criteria of need... Read More

Azerbaijan State Budget for 2013

Azerbaijan State Budget for 2013 The revenues of the 2013 state budget are forecast to make up AZN 19,154 billion ($ 24,556 billion), while expenditures – AZN 19,8 billion ($ 25,384 billion).  According to the 2013 draft budget, the forecast revenues are AZN 2,116 billion ($ 2,712 billion) or 12.4% more against the 2012 state budget. Of the 2013 budget revenues, AZN 11.4 billion ($ 14,165 billion) or 59.3% of overall budget revenues will account... Read More