Azerbaijani State Budget Approved

Azerbaijani State Budget Approved President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has approved the state budget for 2013.  The 2013 state budget revenues were approved at AZN 19,159,000,0, expenditures – AZN 19,850,000,0 (including centralized revenues at AZN 18,462,397,8, local revenues – AZN 696,602,2, centralized expenditures – AZN 18,335,450,0, local expenditures – AZN 514,550,0). Note; 1 AZN = 1,24 USD  Read More

Azerbaijan Economy in 2012; expectations and challenges

Azerbaijan Economy in 2012; expectations and challenges Official forecasts for Azerbaijani economy in 2012 seem quite optimistic. According to Ministry of Economic Development reports although downturn in world economy. The Government of Azerbaijan (GoA) targets 5,7 % GDP Growth in 2012 meanwhile The Central Bank’s monetary policy is announced keeping inflation to single digits. Meanwhile, International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected at 7,1 % Azerbaijan’s... Read More