“Global Affairs” Journal Referenced CESD Reports

“Global Affairs” Journal Referenced CESD Reports “Global Affairs” Referenced CESD Reports in its last paper titled “Gas Security in the Transitional European Market”. The paper states that Europe may continue building its relations with Moscow, viewing it as the main historical “outsider.” However, such an approach has been rejected by the Franco-German axis and some other countries in the EU. A continued confrontation in the energy... Read More

New gas pipeline deal

New gas pipeline deal Turkey and Azerbaijan signed on Monday an agreement to build a pipeline to carry 10 billion cubic metres of Azeri gas to European markets starting in 2017, the Anatolia news agency reported. The deal comes as the EU’s plans to build the so-called Nabucco pipeline across Turkey to bring in Caspian Sea gas and reduce Europe’s dependence on Russia has struggled to sign up suppliers. The accord on building the $5-billion... Read More