$ 144.3 Million US Deficit for 4 Months

$ 144.3 US Million Deficit for 4 Months The deficit of the foreign trade turnover of Azerbaijan totaled $ 144.3 million US in the first four months of 2016. Meanwhile, foreign trade balance had a surplus with amount of $ 867.2 US million in the same period in 2015. According to the State Statistic Committee of Azerbaijan, in January-April this year the volume of export-import operations with 152 countries comprised $ 5 billion 44 million US, a decline... Read More

Azerbaijan Economy in 2012; expectations and challenges

Azerbaijan Economy in 2012; expectations and challenges Official forecasts for Azerbaijani economy in 2012 seem quite optimistic. According to Ministry of Economic Development reports although downturn in world economy. The Government of Azerbaijan (GoA) targets 5,7 % GDP Growth in 2012 meanwhile The Central Bank’s monetary policy is announced keeping inflation to single digits. Meanwhile, International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected at 7,1 % Azerbaijan’s... Read More