Tracking the Discount Rate Cut in Azerbaijan

Tracking the Discount Rate Cut in Azerbaijan The Central Bank has lowered its discount rate from 5.00% to 4.75 % starting this week. According to the Central Bank, taking into account the optimal level of inflation, this step will lead to a decrease in inflation rates and thereby support economic growth in non-oil sectors.  The bank said that the targeted inflation rate would maintain currency stability and increase the money supply appropriately.... Read More

Banking System in Azerbaijan; On the light of New Transformation

Banking System in Azerbaijan; On the light of New Transformation The paper touches upon three main problems in Azerbaijan banking system, their solving and the estimated direction of its future prospect. The first problem is a trend between incomes coming from the interests of banking credits and compulsory resource allocation and solutions related with this issues; the second problem is an improvement of banking capital, to bring it more sustainable... Read More