EaP Think Bridge Bulletin, March 2017

EaP Think Bridge Bulletin, March 2017 February can be described as a month of the active exchange between the Eastern Partnership countries and the European Union. It was precisely the negotiations with European leaders that turned to be the main point of the foreign policy agenda for almost all the countries in the region. However, each round of negotiations had its nuances and what is more, completely different results. Download the report in English Download... Read More

EU-Azerbaijan relations progress report

EU-Azerbaijan relations progress report In 2012, the macro-economic fundamentals of the Azerbaijani economy remained largely positive but the country is invited to implement comprehensive measures to tackle corruption and to improve the business and investment climate, according to a progress report released by the European Commission as part of the 2013 ENP package, which takes stock of the progress of EU-Azerbaijan relations. Download Full Report... Read More