UK remains the biggest investor in Azerbaijan

UK remains the biggest investor in Azerbaijan 398 million manat foreign direct investments was invested in Azerbaijan in the first 2 months of 2012. According to the State Statistical Committee, United Kingdom is the biggest foreign investor in Azerbaijan with 177 million manat investment which is 39.6% of all foreign investments. The United States is second with investments at 68 million manat. The group of big investors also included ,Norway-... Read More

Azerbaijan Economy in 2011

Azerbaijan Economy in 2011 Government of Azerbaijan (GoA) failed to achieve economic growth forecast for 2011. According to the State Statistic Committee Gross Domestic Product  (GDP) increased by 0.1 % and reached to 50.10 billion manat ($ 64,23 billion) in 2011 although th GoA projected 3,8 % growth for last year.  The State Committee reported that GDP per capita without PPP was 5530.6 manat ($ 7003, 4) in 2011.  According to State Committee... Read More