The 5-day study visit iof local farmers to Bulgaria was organized by CESD on may 08-14, 2022 within the project "Promoting local food production and agri-business owners through advisory services, the creation of new value chain models and agri-tourism " supported by European Commission, helped them to get in-depth knowledge and experience of Bulgarian farmers, information about technology and innovation, as well as marketing and quality control related information. This knowledge will be transferred to other local stakeholders through local training events.

CESD & LINKS hold Confidence-Building Conference in Baku on November 6th, 2017

On 06 November 2017, Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) and London-based LINKS (DAR) hosted a roundtable discussion on “Can Confidence-Building Measures (CBMs) contribute towards a peaceful resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?” in Baku, Azerbaijan. The event was organised in the framework of the European Partnership for the Peaceful Resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh (NK) conflict.

The event was attended by several Members of Parliament of Azerbaijan, representatives of the Azerbaijani community of NK, ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions, representatives of international organisations, CSO members, independent researchers and young peacemakers.

The event was held under the Chatham House rule.

The welcoming speech was presented by Dr. Vugar Bayramov, Chairman of CESD, and introductory remarks were given by Dr. Dennis Sammut, the Director LINKS (Dialogue-Analysis-Research).

During roundtable discussions, Members of Parliament Mr. Asim Mollazade and Mr. Rasim Musabeyov expressed their ideas regarding the diplomatic resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Other speakers, including Eldar Nazamov, a prominent politician and former Presidential aide to Heydar Aliyev, the head of “Umid” Party, Igbal Agazade, the representative of the NK community of Azerbaijanis, Mr. Nadir Bayramov, international relations researchers, Mr. Elkhan Shahinoglu and Mr. Mukhtar Hajizade also shared their ideas.

The roundtable was concluded by the head of LINKS (DAR), Dr. Dennis Sammut.

CESD ( is a Baku-based international think-tank, founded to positively influence policy-makers’ decision-making. CESD has been ranked as the top think-tank in Central Asia and the Caucasus by UPenn. In recent years, CESD has been involved in research concerning regional economic cooperation programs, regional conflicts, and the benefits of peace. Its staff members have been part of different consortiums and working-groups to pave the way for the peace in the South Caucasus.

The Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) in partnership with the German Institute for Democracy, Media and Cultural Exchange (IDEM) organized a Training of Trainers (ToTs) program to equip Azerbaijani journalists, students of journalism, and civil society members with both the skills and the appropriate methodologies needed to empower them to further develop themselves and the their colleagues in the media sphere of Azerbaijan on August 13-17th, 2018. The intensive, 5-day program taught by 2 German trainers experienced in international media practices combined a mix of methods to impart lasting lessons on those engaged in Azerbaijan’s media sphere.