Strategic plan

CESD is one of the leading think tanks in Azerbaijan. The CESD mission statement and short/long range goals are presented below. The center believes in reaching those goals by implementing certain activities indicated in the plan.

The plan was formalized to regulate CESD’s activities, to reach its goals and to maintain the center’s performance. In addition it indicates concrete activities and strategies. All activities of the center are based on the strategic plan.

Mission Statement

Elimination of inequality, promotion of economic and social reforms, enhancing of transparency by supporting civil society development.

Vision Statement

Equal socio-economic rights, no poverty and active public participation.

Values Statement

We believe that: Equal socio-economic rights and a transparent system provide more opportunities for the society to access elements that are necessary for civil society development;

Every person should be capable to realize his/her socio-economic rights;

We value that:

Promoting a sense of ownership among community members and public participation in community development are essential for the society’s sustainable development. Fighting corruption and promoting an effectiveness in public economic and social reforms are decisions that form the fundamental terms to achieve MDGs goals;

Raising awareness, encouraging public participation and including community development are essential aspects of sustainable development;

Achieving a transparent system and leading the way for more effective economic and social reforms and decisions.

We value high-quality applied research and professional learning projects that represent strategic partnerships with governmental agencies and various sectors of civil society as essential for the society’s sustainable development…

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