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CESD Monitoring Policy: 
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CESD Procurement Policy: 
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CESD Financial Services Policy:

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CESD Currency Policy Guidelines: 

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CESD Employee Handbook: This employee handbook is a summary of policies, procedures and practices related to human resource management at the Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD).  Download

CESD International Relations Strategy: Download

Information Communication Technology: Az Eng

Public Relations: Az Eng

Foreign Relations: Az Eng

Quality Development: Az Eng

The CESD Research Standard is to line up all research activities of the center. All employees, consultants and contracted experts shall follow the requirements of the standard.

CESD-Research-Standards: Download Here

CESD, as a leading independent research oriented think tank in Azerbaijan, welcomes also sharing and open exchange of the ideas thanks to their irreplaceable role in conducting a research. Considering this importance of free exchange of movements of ideas and views, the Center’s staff is encouraged to share their views on on-going researches, news articles and on academic papers. In CESD’s view while sharing the ideas, views and thoughts giving credits to originating author is a matter of importance.

The CESD Plagiarism Policy ensures avoiding the plagiarism or plagiarism related activities and confirms giving the appropriate credits within the definition of plagiarism.

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Download CESD-Research-Standards




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