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Piloting the Civic Rural and Urban Involvement in School Budgeting and Spending for Efficient Preschool and Primary School Services


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Welcome to the project website

European Commission funded "Promoting local food production and agri-business owners through advisory services, the creation of new value chain models and agri-tourism development" organized by Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) partnering with an international organization and local NGO, “Uluchay” Social-Economic Innovation Center and Center for Economic Development (CED) from Bulgaria, iproposes the following action in support of small and medium sized farms in the regions of Sheki-Zaqatala and Mountainous Shirvan. The overall objective is to improve access to comprehensive agricultural and entrepreneurial-oriented advisory services in order to further develop and market local products and harness agri-tourism potential. The specific objectives are twofold; firstly, ensuring equal opportunities to local, young and women farmers to access business advice to successfully manage and grow their agro-businesses and secondly, expanding local agro-business’ value chains and promoting local ingredients and agro-tourism through connecting farmers directly to schools, restaurants and tourist agencies. Key stakeholders are: Regional Offices of Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Economy, Executive Committees of selected districts and local municipalities, private sector (tourism companies, restaurants, hotels etc.) and civil society organizations.

Specific objectives of this project is to increase the awareness/build capacities of the CSOs local communities, school administration and education authorities in the regional urban and rural areas, to enhance the transparency of school budget planning and management at the selected school, to enhance the application of participatory budgeting at the selected schools, to strengthen the capacities of CSOs and parents for impactful participation in the school budget allocation and monitoring and to disseminate policy oriented information. 
The action aims at improving the situation of small and medium sized farms in Sheki-Zaqatala and Mountainous Shirvan by making significant contributions to both advisory and information services providing more effective farm and rural business decision support and the promotion of local traditional foods and community driven agricultural connections. The action is in line with the global objective of the call, as it will establish advisory and information systems for farmers in Sheki and Shamakhi economic regions, as well as promote local food heritage and agritourism in selected economic regions. The action is also relevant to the specific objectives of the call, as it will support the community driven agriculture connections and provide advisory and information services to farmers and businesses in rural areas, promote market linkages through Farm2Table and Farm2School activities, and promote good agricultural practices through study visits to bring innovation and best practices. The action will also include several components to promote local agri-food systems, as includes awareness raising campaigns, development of regional culinary directory, expositions, conferences and others.